We digitally deliver most PeriOp tasks, plus interactive symptom triage and communications.
For over 100 procedures.
Quickly and economically. 

So, clinicians can increase the number of procedures - while improving health outcomes.

The best solution ...

- brings immediate and measurable benefits to both the patient and provider.

- improves the entire patient journey from diagnosis and protocols to symptom triage. That is what patients want. And they want it in one place.

- is provider specific – because the patient is.

- is accessible from any mobile or computer.

- doesn’t need a user-manual – for the provider or the patient.

The PatientApps eCare solution

Staff training necessary?

Paper peri-op or treatment instructions

Launches in minutes

HIPAA issues

Higher engagement from patients during briefings

Reclaim lost time and perform more procedures or treatments

More patient "likes" & higher satisfaction scores

Authored by accomplished physicians for their own patients

Greater protocol compliance

Launches in minutes

Patient calls about benign symptoms

Having to meet your IT people

Eye-rolling from staff when this is introduced

Inexpensive - a little more than paper instructions & support

Greater likelihood of patient calls about malign symptoms

Patients love it, so use it to promote your practice

EMR can easily access the app

Includes your name, directions, parking, telephone and email for triage

Data available


DOS cancellations
Worries about protocol comprehensiveness & compliance